Stalin’s Line



Back in the 1930s a circuit of twenty-three fortified areas stretching from Karelia to the Black sea was established for the protection of the Western borders of the USSR. Western newspapers called it Stalin’s Line. In 2005 on the base of Minsk fortified area a historical and cultural complex, which is a huge open-air military Museum, was created.

The main exhibits of the Museum are, of course, preserved fortifications, the pillboxes, command posts, trenches, anti-tank barriers. All this is equipped with the weapons that are in line with historical times. There are cannons and machine guns produced during the Great Patriotic war, while the pillboxes are equipped with periscopes and radio stations.

The Museum has a huge collection of real weapons and equipment of the war years. Here you can shoot from the PCA, Mosin rifle, machine gun ‘Maxim’, have a ride on armoured personnel carriers and even on a light tank BT-7. At the site of military equipment you can also find samples of post-war weapons, in which the Soviet designers embodied the experience of war.

The Museum exhibits are almost completely real, many of them you will see chipped from German bullets and shells. Absolutely everything can be touched, the guides, dressed in the uniform of the Red Army, will not forbid it. The huge territory of the Museum allows to conduct massive battle scenes, reconstructing battles of the Great Patriotic war. Picture of full immersion into the past is completed with the field kitchen, where you can try a real soldier's porridge.


How to get there: by car along the road P-28, turning from the Zaslavl to the village of Losany.