Casino XO Club

Квартира на сутки в Минске на проспект Независимости, 58 спальня
110 byn/DAY | 30 byn/HOUR

Luxury apartment near Dozari club

Советский район 58
Квартира на сутки в Минске на проспекте Независимости, 52 спальня
70 byn/DAY | 20 byn/HOUR

Nice apartment near the Central Department Store

Советский район 52
Квартира на сутки в Минске на проспекте Независимости, 46 спальня
65 byn/DAY | 20 byn/HOUR
Квартира на сутки в Минске на проспекте Независимости, 48 спальня
65 byn/DAY | 20 byn/HOUR

Cozy one bedroom apartment

Советский район 48
Квартира на сутки в Минске на проспекте Независимости, 58 спальня
75 byn/DAY | 20 byn/HOUR

Superb two bedroom apartment in the city center

Первомайский район 58

One of the best Western-style places in Minsk is the Casino XO. The establishment is located on Nezavisimosti Avenue, 56, and is ready to entertain the visitors around the clock throughout the week. It's not just a casino — it's an exquisite place, where everyone can plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and excitement. Fashionable interior, refined furniture, things that provide you with senсe of exclusivity — all this makes XO kind of special.

The casino has several rooms, three of which are VIP. Each room has 9 tables on which a variety of card games can be played. The visitors of XO have the opportunity to play at least five types of poker at the highest stakes in the capital of Belarus. The customer service offered in XO is of the highest level and proves the exclusive status of the casino. The casino does not only provide the games supported by the professionals but also offers excellent quality of the kitchen, where exquisite dishes and excellent drinks card will suit any taste.

In addition, there is an opportunity to take a break from the game at the table and watch various entertainment shows, which have carefully designed programs. For those who miss something non-standard, XO is ready to offer to bets on participants of the turtle races. The turtles that belong to XO compete with their rivals from other countries. If you want to bet on the best, welcome to XO casino!


How to get there: Nezavisimosti Avenue, 56. Open 24/7