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House rules

Apartments Roomer is a hospitable friend in the capital of Belarus. We are your support away from home. We ask you to familiarize yourself with our “House rules” in advance and to observe them when you live.

ESTIMATED HOUR. First of all, we want to draw your attention to the fact that the settlement in the apartment is standard from 14:00. Estimated time of departure or, as they say in the hotel business, CHECK OUT in our company is 12:00. At the same time we are ready to move the time for an hour or two absolutely free, if there is such an opportunity..

SMOKING. It is important for us that every guest feels at home. The aura of an apartment is not an empty word for us, therefore you will not meet any smoked apartments here. Smoking is allowed only on the balconies and loggias. Smoking cigarettes, hookahs, etc. in an apartment is a fine, which is equal to the cost of 1 day of living (it will take so long to ventilate the apartment and clean the curtains ).

EARLY CHECK-IN. If you need to be guaranteed to check in before 14:00, you need to pay the previous night. Only in this case, we undertake to settle you in a non-standard time. If the apartment is available the day before your arrival, the early check-in will not cost you a penny. In addition, most apartments are ready to check-in at 11-12:00.

The LAW of the Republic of Belarus states that making noise after 22:00 is strictly prohibited. Therefore, those who would create a noise, the company has the right to evict. At the same time, the possibility of returning the payment is excluded.

OUR CLIENTS. The company Apartments Roomer works with both legal entities and individuals. Our clients are adult citizens of all countries and nationalities. We do not rent apartments for events or parties. If such an incident is detected, immediate eviction shall be carried out. The number of guests is specified in the rental agreement, the number of guests can not be more than the number of beds, with the exception of children who are accommodated in children's beds or sleep with adults.

If you are settled in our apartments, then you automatically agreed with all the above.

Welcome to Minsk, the capital of hospitality.

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