Dudutki Museum Complex

The Museum complex of ancient folk crafts and technologies ‘Dudutki’ is located just 40 kilometers away from Minsk, near the village of Dudichi. Since the XVIII century this place is famous for its artisans and fairs. Since 1994 the unique center which reproduces the Belarusian and szlachta life has been functioning here.

On the territory of the estate pottery, bakery, brewery, blacksmith shops, cheese factory and other craft workshops are located. The special feature of the complex "Dudutki" is that visitors can not only watch the old technologies, but also use  Potter's wheel or bellows so as to bake their own bread and even make moonshine on the only legal still in Belarus.

There is also the only working windmill in the country, which can still be used by visitors to grind flour. There is also a Museum of antique cars, both of foreign and domestic production. Behind the handicraft buildings you can find a barnyard, where live not only ordinary cows and geese, but also quite exotic animals, such as ostriches and even American deer.

How to get there: buses depart from Minsk every Sunday from the metro station ‘Institut Kulturi’ at 10:00.