Minsk Zoo in Chizhovka


To become familiar with the wildlife without leaving the city, you can visit the Minsk zoo. It is an ideal place for families and walks with children. The zoo is a home for about 2.5 thousand representatives of more than 400 species of animals, including cute fluffy rodents and formidable carnivores.

Among classic zoo animals you can find wolves, foxes, monkeys, horses, tigers, leopards, lions and camels, as well as many waterfowls, which live in the backwaters of the river Svisloch. Children will especially appreciate the opportunity to ride remarkable zoo horses and ponies. They can also watch the demonstrative feeding of cat lemurs and meerkats.


The ‘Wonderful world of terrarium’ section is a home for lizards, crocodiles, turtles, and of course, snakes. The biggest snake in the CIS lives here. The Aquarium pavilion contains the collection of more than 100 exotic fish species from South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. In the ‘Exotarium’ section zoo staff recreated a small corner of the Amazon rainforest, in which anacondas, macaw parrots, jaguars and many other tropical animals, including piranhas, live together. Do not forget to visit the Dolphinarium called ‘Nemo’, where you can make friends with Pacific dolphins, seals and sea lion, take a picture with them, try to train them and even swim together!

How to get there: Minsk zoo is located at the Tashkentskaya St., 40. From the metro station ‘Avtozavodskaya’ take buses 16, 21, 22, 59, 117c (bus stop ‘Zoopark’) trolleybuses 16,17, 26, 49, 92 (stop ‘Zoopark’)