Food Delivery

For those who are tired of long walks and excursions around the capital, food delivery is ready to provide its services. Meals that you order on the website are prepared by the best cooks of the restaurant of Georgian cuisine ‘Natvra Heh’. The range of products offered by the company includes traditional dishes of Georgian cuisine. Here you will find spicy snacks and spicy soup Kharcho, as well as Khashlama and shish-kebab. It is almost impossible to avoid hot snacks: several types of khachapuri, lavash, fried suluguni will be a great addition to the hot dishes, among which chakhokhbili, chanakhi, soups and more. also delivers sauces to their dishes and offers Georgian dessert Ushba. The service seeks to carry out delivery as soon as possible so as the order reaches you warm and tasty. The best ingredients are used in cookery. For example, suluguni cheese is not purchased but prepared from fresh milk in the restaurant. Real Georgian chefs are in charge of cooking. It is worth noting that the pricing policy of the service is flexible with regular special offers and discounts on different types of dishes.

Orders are accepted from 12 to 23-00.