Tumany Cocktail-Bar in Minsk

Квартира на сутки в Минске на проспекте Независимости, 19 кухня
70 byn/DAY | 20 byn/HOUR

Two bedroom apartment in the heart of the capital

Ленинский район 19
Квартира на сутки в Минске возле метро Купаловская спальня
70 byn/DAY | 25 byn/HOUR

Comfortable one bedroom apartment in the center of Minsk

Центральный район 28
Квартира на сутки в Минске Романовская слобода, 14 кухня
125 byn/DAY | 30 byn/HOUR

Stylish two bedroom apartment

Центральный район 14
125 byn/DAY | 30 byn/HOUR

Two bedroom apartment in white tones

Центральный район 14
Трехкомнатная квартира в Минске на сутки Энгельса спальня
145 byn/DAY | 35 byn/HOUR

Three bedroom apartment near cinema Pioner

Ленинский район 16

On the street Zybitskaya, 9 one can find a remarkable cocktail bar called ‘Tumany’. First of all, the bar is interesting because of its interior. The antique mirrors and other elements of the decor made in modern style add mystery to the bar room.

‘Tumany’ is not only a place where you will be offered drinks. If you are hungry or just wouldn’t refuse to have a light meal, the bar offers dishes of European cuisine. Your eyes can run wide, while choosing among the many types of pasta, risotto, salads and desserts,  but you can safely choose anything. After all, each dish is prepared under the guidance of an experienced chef trained in Italy.

Desserts made in the bar deserve specific reference to them. Many Minskers are ready to come from other parts of the city to eat them. The bar card is also the pride of the bar, since it is not only classic cocktails and their author interpretation in it, but also an extensive assortment of wines. Overall, the drinks menu is presented in eight parts, so there is plenty of options to choose from. ‘Tumany’ often hosts thematic parties which will not let anyone get bored, by the great sets that will appeal to those who love dancing!

‘Tumany’ are waiting for you every day from 17 to 02-00 (Mon-Thu), from 15 to 05-00 (Fri-Sat) and from 15 to 02-00 (Sun).

How to get there: Zybitskaya St., 9. ‘Nemiga’ metro station. Buses 24, 38, 57, 91, 188c (bus stop ‘Nemiga’)