Freedom Square

Квартира на сутки в Минске на проспекте Независимости, 19 кухня
70 byn/DAY | 20 byn/HOUR

Two bedroom apartment in the heart of the capital

Ленинский район 19
Квартира на сутки в Минске возле метро Купаловская спальня
70 byn/DAY | 25 byn/HOUR

Comfortable one bedroom apartment in the center of Minsk

Центральный район 28
Квартира на сутки в Минске Романовская слобода, 14 кухня
125 byn/DAY | 30 byn/HOUR

Stylish two bedroom apartment

Центральный район 14
125 byn/DAY | 30 byn/HOUR

Two bedroom apartment in white tones

Центральный район 14
Трехкомнатная квартира в Минске на сутки Энгельса спальня
145 byn/DAY | 35 byn/HOUR

Three bedroom apartment near cinema Pioner

Ленинский район 16

Historically, Freedom Square is one of the most important squares of the Belarusian capital, because it is closely intertwined with the development of the city. This square appeared in the XVI century when the city became self-governed. For a long time it was the administrative, cultural and commercial center of Minsk. The loss of her central meaning is caused by the damage caused by the Great Patriotic War, when the area was badly destroyed. By the end of XVII century the architectural ensemble of the square was formed, which included various monasteries, town hall, merchant houses.

No surprise, that the square was rebuilt and modified several times. Today you can find on the square the city hall and the Cathedral Church of the blessed virgin Mary. The city hall on the square primarily refers to the independence of the city, which Minsk received in the XVI century, along with Magdeburg rights, which gave the residents of the city the autonomy. The town hall at the square was restored by the residents: at first, the wooden building was replaced with a stone one, then the city hall had to be built again after a major fire. In the XVIII century building became decorated in classic style. 

The town hall carried out an administrative function: there were units of measures and weights, town hall court, police, guardhouse, archive. For some time it had been even used as a music school and a theatre. In the XIX century the town hall was demolished by the order of Nicholas I. However, due to archaeological excavations carried out at the end of the XX century, the appearance of the town hall was finally restored. The restoration began in 2002, and the Grand opening took place in 2004. Today, the building Minsk city hall functions as a Museum of Minsk, as well as a hall for receiving the guests of honour.

The nearby Park was also restored, according to the way it looked like in the XX century. The current town hall and the square have become a place where guests of honour are met. The Town Day, accompanied by performances of musical groups, is also celebrated here. 


How to get there: by feet from metro stations ‘Nemiga’, ‘Oktyabrskaya’