Mikhailovsky Square

Квартира на сутки в Минске на проспекте Независимости, 19 кухня
70 byn/DAY | 20 byn/HOUR

Two bedroom apartment in the heart of the capital

Ленинский район 19
Квартира на сутки в Минске возле метро Купаловская спальня
70 byn/DAY | 25 byn/HOUR

Comfortable one bedroom apartment in the center of Minsk

Центральный район 28
Однокомнатная квартира на сутки в Минске Свердлова спальня
85 100 byn/DAY | 25 byn/HOUR

One bedroom apartment in the center of Minsk

Ленинский район 26
Однокомнатная квартира на сутки в Минске Свердлова спальня
75 byn/DAY | 25 byn/HOUR
Трехкомнатная квартира в Минске на сутки Энгельса спальня
145 byn/DAY | 35 byn/HOUR

Three bedroom apartment near cinema Pioner

Ленинский район 16


Mikhailovsky Square is a small and cozy park located near Independence Square. This green square has become a favorite place for many Minskers, especially students, since its location nearby the university. The square appeared a long time ago in 1924, but during its existence it was closed for reconstruction, after which it was reopened in 1998. Small but beautiful park immediately conquers the hearts with beautiful flower beds and interesting lanterns placed along the paths. However, the most attractive item of the park are the sculptures of Belarusian artist Vladimir Zhbanov. Graceful, light and touching, they do not leave indifferent visitors to Mikhailovsky Square.


For example, the sculpture ‘Minsk woman’ is a sophisticated female image. Statue of a girl relaxing on a bench in the park, often becomes a model for those who come for a walk in the square. Another sculpture - ‘The Smoker’ - depicts a man dressed in a cap while reaching for a cigarette. The prototype of this sculpture was Vladimir Golynsky, the film producer who asked Zhbanov to make this sculpture in order to attract attention to his film that was released in those days.

But the most tragic is the sculpture ‘Girl with an umbrella’ made as the figure of a young girl, standing under an umbrella in rainy weather while waiting for a trolleybus. The statue represents a collective image of the girls who died during the tragedy in Nemiga in 1999, when a terrible crash that took the lives of 53 people happened. Mikhailovsky Square is a romantic and bright place, which definitely brings a poetic mood to visitors. A walk in it will allow you to relax from the bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ease and tranquility.


How to get there: ‘Ploshchad Lenina’ metro station. The square is located near the railway station.